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  • Displaced or prolapsed (low) uterus and or bladder
  • Painful/Irregular  menstrual cycles and ovulation
  • Abdominal uterine bleeding
  • Chronic bladder or yeast infections
  • Incontinence, Frequent urination, cystocele
  • Miscarriages, difficult pregnancies
  • Endometriosis
  • Painful sex
  • Peri menopause, menopausal symptoms
  • Infertility / Fertility challenges and not ovulating
  • Low Back Ache
  • PMS/Depression with menstruation
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Abnormal uterine bleeding
  • Enhances Pregnancy, aids in labor and birthing
  • Pelvic congestion, pelvic pain

How do the techniques support digestion?

Many anxieties and emotions through life are stored in our body's tissues and organs. A very common place is in the organs of the digestive system. Those so called "butterflies in your stomach" can lead to constipation, indigestion, heartburn, gastritis, and eventually to Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Gasto Esophageal Reflux (GERD), Crohn's and more.

Stresses and emotions cause the small intestine and colon to be "twisted or kinked" leading the blockages in the flow of peristalsis. Surrounding fascia creates adhesions that mal-position organs and impede proper blood flow and enzyme secretions. These techniques slowly improve fascia adhesions, scar tissue and remove any "kinks" in the digestive tract. Often there is a dramatic improvement after just one session when combined with proper diet and self-care.

Will the techniques help with digestion problems following abdominal surgery?

Scar tissue and facial adhesions can often cause problems with digestion after abdominal surgery. Again, by improving circulation it breaks downthe scar tissue and adhesion from past or present surgeries. A few sessions combined with castor oil packs, diet and self care are often used depending on the restriction for optimal success. Make sure you wait for allow 4-6 weeks or at the consent of your health care provider before applying this technqiue.

What to expect in a session:

Gentle massage on the abdomen from below the ribs and sternum to above the pubic bone. You will be modestly draped at all times during your session. The first session is two hours long, follow up sessions are one hour each. An average of 4-6 follow ups, one month apart, is recommended to learn the life-long healing techniques and see a shift in physical symptoms. Discounted package treatment plans are offered to help follow the treatment plans  

The first session includes:

  • Comprehensive review of your unique health history and current reproductive and digestive concerns and health goals
  • Abdominal massage, focused on bringing the body into balance and aligning reproductive and abdominal organs
  • Evaluation and massage of lower back, sacrum, lumbar and thoracic spinal tissue.
  • Instruction in Self Care massage. You learn how to massage your belly with your own hands !
  • Instruction in supporting wellness at home with associated natural therapies.
No matter how strong the denial or how often we have turned away, our female bodies have not forgotten their functions. Our bodies are hard wired with this deep knowing, and will call us back to reclaim the feminine for ourselves, in our own particular and specific way. And often it is our suffering in these especially female areas- menstruation, sexuality, abortion, miscarriage, birth, mothering, menopause, for example that sets us on the path to healing our inner feminine. Our female bodies need us , now more than ever, and that we too need the wisdom, the wildness, the passion, the joy, the vitality, and the authenticity that we gain through this most intimate of reconciliations.
Sarah J Buckley- Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering

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