Testimonial #9

Testimonial #9

" Mayan abdominal massage has been transformative for me! I have felt so joyous since my recent sessions with Maria and it makes me truly believe that the uterus is the second heart of the woman. She also included cupping and gua sha, which really helped open up all the tension in my back and shoulders. I am so grateful!!! "


Testimonial #8

" I’ve been to see Maria twice now, and each session has left me feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Her Mayan Abdominal Massages are a must for every woman—no matter your age. She is extremely knowledgeable, and she taught me a lot about my own body and how to take better care of myself. The atmosphere of her space is calming and inviting, and Maria is very easy to talk to. I look forward to coming back soon to try more of her services, and I hope that more people take advantage of her phenomenal skills! "

~ L.A.

Testimonial #7

Testimonial #7

" I’ve been a client of Maria’s for nearly a year, for both Mayan massage and cupping. Maria is incredibly passionate about her field and loves to educate her clients about self-care. She is a fantastic massage therapist; I always feel renewed after my appointments with her. Indianapolis is lucky to have her. "


Testimonial #6

" I recently received my first Maya Abdominal Massage. It was SOOO good. Maria was amazing. She is super caring and has a calmness around her that feels very soothing. The massage was awesome. I could feel how my energy came back almost immediately. I started to feel much much better overall. 
I loved how Maria used her own self-made massage cream. The whole atmosphere was very inviting and relaxing. 


I can’t wait to see how the next days and weeks will turn out while doing the self-care massage Maria showed me how to do and then come back in a month for my follow-up appointment and potential other treatments. 

I highly highly recommend Maria. Her heart and passion for her work speaks for itself. Wonderful experience. Thank you, Maria! "


Testimonial #5

Testimonial #5

"I’ve been seeing Maria for infertility, menstrual pain, and digestive issues. She is a very intuitive healer and so knowledgeable. She empowers her clients to be able to do self-care techniques at home to further enhance the work she does. Some seeing her I have felt much less pain and stress, and I have more energy and feel more balanced. Maria has such a beautiful spirit and is so passionate about her work. Her holistic care and guidance throughout my journey has been amazing. Don’t hesitate making an appointment with her. You won’t regret it! "


Testimonial #4

" Maria sat and talked with me before my abdominal massage. Her office is so warm & welcoming! I immediately felt comfortable sharing my current body issues with her. She holds a safe space with ZERO judgement.

The massage itself was magical! Her touch was firm but soft and she paid attention to my breath rate in order to work more in line with my natural rhythm. Her table is super comfortable & warmed with heating pads.

She also muscle tested me for my Flower essence - which I am so excited to get to know & use!
After the appointment I felt an overwhelming sense of calm and just being at ease.
I will be back! And if you have been on the fence, I highly recommend her services.
Thank you for bringing this incredible work to Indianapolis! "

~ M.A.

Testimonial #3

Testimonial #3

" Maria is truly a flower bomb! The entire experience was extremely colorful, which came from the heart filled guidance of Maria. On a healing journey with emphasis on regaining my energy and divine feminine energy, this session brightened me up with incredible insight for forward love and care. Emotional blockages were released, vivid memories arose, and the most beautiful part was the reminder from

Maria on the grace and light we have in bringing life force energy into this world. This truly resonated with me more than ever and gives me such a mother archetype energy I had forgotten. I left with smiles, awareness, a take home next step guide, and curiosity on this ancient form of healing! Plus!! Flower essences for healing and herbs for my next vaginal steam. I encourage all to work with Maria. You will ask yourself why did I wait so long. "

~ C.T.

Testimonial #2

" I’ve been receiving professional massages pretty regularly for over ten years. As a professional healer myself, I recognize innate healing talent in others. Maria has it. On top of her innate gifts, Maria relentlessly pursues opportunities to learn more and hone her craft. As her client, this means I always walk away from a session with a renewed spirit and a healthier body. She frequently teaches me something I didn’t know and does it so well! I highly recommend Maria for any kind of bodywork, including her speciality, Mayan abdominal massage. "

~ K.S.

Testimonial #1

"When I first started seeing Maria, I was seeking relief from premenstrual symptoms, such as cramping and breast swelling/tenderness. I knew PMS was a sign that the body was out of balance, and I’d heard that the Maya Abdominal Massage could help my cycle return to harmony. 

Maria is a very unique massage therapist. She has traveled all around the world in order to become skilled and knowledgeable in various ancient healing and massage modalities. We are lucky to have her right here in Indianapolis! Maria employs a very holistic and comprehensive approach, and she even sets aside focused time to consult with you. It is a little bit more of an investment up front, AND my health and vitality are totally worth it.

After my initial massage, I felt an extreme sense of calm. My very next menstrual cycle was calm as well! I had absolutely no PMS, no cramping, and no breast swelling/tenderness. I was not expecting results that quickly! I returned the next month for the recommended follow-up session in order to continue the healing that was happening in my body. I also noticed that my digestion was better after the massages.

I appreciate that Maria makes and uses her own in-house eco-friendly massage cream. I also like that she instructed me on the at-home version of the abdominal massage and offered me other wellness recommendations to support my reproductive and digestive health.
I have been referring my family and friends to Maria since after my first session! Some have followed up on my recommendation and have been absolutely delighted and amazed with the results. Thank you, Maria, for doing what you do with passion and integrity! ”