Indianapolis Cupping & Gua Sha

Cupping & Gua Sha 

Cupping helps to release chronic pain, specific tension areas as well as help support the energetic body in balance and well being.

Massage Cupping therapy has been in practice for over 5,000 years around the world as a therapy to bring relaxation and relief to the body from South America to Egypt. Cups are applied to the body and negative pressure is used to help target stagnant/tense muscle groups, bring blood flow and release to the area.

I have studied cupping with various teachers and in several traditions including a certification in Contemporary Cupping, Mesoamerican, Ancient European and Asian cupping. I have learned cupping practices from traditional healers in Mexico City as well as New Mexico, Minnesota. Cups may be moved across the body to enhance circulation and lymph flow, or they can be left in one spot to pull toxins from the body.

How does cupping work?

Cupping relieves symptoms by moving out old deoxygenated blood and metabolic waste out of the tissues, allowing fresh, nutritious, oxygenated blood to move into the tissues. It also stretches the muscle fibers, and separates the fascial/connective tissues from the muscle so they are moving independantly, allowing them to be more flexible and strong as a result.

What Are The Marks Left Cupping Therapy? 

The marks that are commonly left after a treatment are the result of stagnant blood, lymph ad toxins being pulled to the surface. The marks are not bruises. They fade as toxins and blood from within the muscles and tissues are flushed out of the system. Usually a mark will not re-occur in the same spot when regular sessions are applied. After the stagnant blood/fluid is removed, better curculation is promoted and toxins are able to leave the body. 

Cupping Testimonials

"Maria is not only highly educated and extremely proficient, but brings a passion and warming presence to her treatments that make her one of the most well rounded professionals in the healing arts/therapy industry I have met. I received a deep cupping session this afternoon and feel relaxed and rejuvenated at the same time. Highly recommend! ." W.C- Indianapolis. 

" Had an amazing appointment with Maria Renner. If cupping is good for the Olympic athletes, I figured it would be good for me! Relaxing and educational. Maria explained each step as she went along. I highly recommend Maria." C.C - Indianapolis

Gua Sha

Gua Sha, or scraping, is an ancient technique which can be used to support cupping treatments, or on it's own - depending on the client's specific need. Gua Sha stimulates blood flow and promotes healing.

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